Permissions from Shia Jurists (Maraje’ Taqlid) to use Khums money

In order to obtain the guidance about the financial support to establish and run the IHIS center, a letter was sent to the office of a number of Shia Jurists (Maraje’ Taqlid). Alhamdolillah, we have received permission from the following Maraje’ to use part of the Khums.

• Grand Ayatullah Seyed Ali Husseini Sistani

In the name of Allah, Ta'ala.

After Salaams and Dua. We have given you permission to secure the amount required from half of the Khums money you receive, within the share of Imam - Sahm-e-Imam - (peace be upon him), and send us the other half. This permission is valid for three years.

Ali Hosseiny Sistani- March 3, 2014

*  This permission has been extended for 3 more years on November 2016. 

** Based on the new permission given from the representative of Ayatullah Sistani, Sayed Kishmiri, to Mr. Usama Al-Atar on July 27, 2014, the centre can spend half of entire amount that receives as khums money.


The original hands written permission, mentioned above, is available in the centre and can be presented to Respected momenin upon request. Ensha’allah we will update you about the response from other Jurists (Maraje’ Taqlid), once we receive them in the near future.